Dallas on list of cities with most home value hikes

All of Texas’ big cities were in the top 10.

Dallas and Fort Worth have both seen huge price increases since the Great Recession.

Dallas and Austin — along with Denver — are the U.S. cities that have seen the biggest home price increases since the market peak before the Great Recession.

Financial analysts at HSH Associates looked at home appreciation in markets across the country for their latest Home Price Recovery Index.

Dallas-area home prices are now more than 75% ahead of where they were at the top of the market before the recession and resulting drop in residential values. And Austin prices are almost 86% ahead of where they were more than a decade ago.

Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio made the top 10 list, too.

“Sixty-four markets now have values that are more than 10% above previous peak,” HSH analysts say in the new report.

But not all home markets have caught up with losses in residential values from the economic decline.

“Even after years have passed since last decade’s boom and bust, only about 80% of the nation’s top 100 metropolitan areas have seen their homes recover all the value lost in the Great Recession and housing bust,” HSH’s Keith Gumbinger writes.

Houses in Bakersfield, Calif.; Stamford, Conn.: and Fort Myers, Fla., still haven’t caught up.

All of Texas' major markets made the list.
All of Texas’ major markets made the list.(HSH)

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10:46 AM on Mar 12, 2020

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