Maintaining Your Landscape

We spend money on the plants, we spend money on the bushes, we spend money on the yard. Now that we have done this, what do we do with it?

Regardless of whether you buy a home with an existing landscape or just has the shrubs across the foundation, it is important to hire a professional that knows what they are doing. They can identify issues as they arise. Rather than letting them build up. You want to maintain the value of the property you invested into.

A professional horticultural service can identify the insects and any diseases. They can quickly have them resolved before the homeowner would typically even knows there is an issue.

It is also important to have somebody that is knowledgeable about irrigation. You don’t want to water too much or too little. You have different plants that require different watering levels. You want to make sure that your landscape is hydrazoned. If you have bought a home and you are not sure why one plant is looking poorly versus the other one looking very healthy, there may be a watering issue.

If you do not have a sprinkler system, that probably is a really good investment. You want to set up separate zones. This means turf separate from your beds, separate from your ground cover, separate from your trees, so that you can water them all independently.

It’s not just a simple…buy a house and then add a little landscaping. You want the house and the landscaping to all work together. Maintaining and increasing the value of the property as time goes on. 

Landscaping is an extension of your home and personality.


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