Almost 75,000 D-FW homeowners have refinanced this year

DNT - Website (1)“The stats on the number of homes that were refinanced in the DFW area is not surprising. Since many buyers purchased when rates were in the 4’s and above, it makes perfect sense that a homeowner would take advantage of lower interest rates and therefore payments. I can remember when rates dropped int the 5’s and 6’s and everyone rushed to get rid of their 8+% interest rates.
The only problem with this rush to refinance is that fewer homeowners will consider selling their homes anytime in the near future now that their payments are so low and we are strapped with fewer houses to sell. There is a huge pent up desire for buyers, especially those who have been renting, to take advantage of the low interest rates. Added to renters are couples who now find themselves both working from home and possibly children doing the same. They need more space and at a minimum a designated office space.
The bottom line…if you are thinking about selling within the coming year, (please do it sooner than later because we need the inventory) refinancing might not be a smart option right now.
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Thousands of North Texas homeowners have refinanced in 2020.(Vernon Bryant / Staff Photographer)

Record low mortgage rates have spurred a flood of mortgage refinancings in North Texas and the U.S.

Have you refinanced your house yet?

Record low mortgage rates have fueled a surge in home refinancing as owners take advantage of the lower costs.

The same low mortgage rates have caused home sales to jump, too. But many more folks are staying put and refinancing instead.

Through the first half of 2020, almost 75,000 Dallas-Fort Worth residents have refinanced their homes, according to a survey by Attom Data Solutions. Refinancing in the most recent quarter is up by almost 160% from where it was a year ago to the highest volume in more than 15 years.

The number of homeowners who reset their loans was streets ahead of the less than 45,000 D-FW mortgages for home purchases in the first half of this year.

Nationwide, residential refinance mortgages made up almost two-thirds of home loan activity during the second quarter, according to Attom Data.

Almost 1.7 million Americans refinanced their property during the quarter ended in June — double the number of the previous year. The refinanced loans totaled an estimated $513 billion.

Home purchase loans accounted for less than 30% of nationwide mortgage volume.

“The second quarter of 2020 really was a tale of two markets for lenders,” Attom Data’s Todd Teta said in the new report. “One saw a continued flood of homeowners refinancing their loans at lower interest rates while the other saw a drop in home-purchase and home-equity borrowing as the economy sagged under virus-related lockdowns.

“How this plays out in the third quarter will depend on how many homeowners still want to roll over their loans and whether the economy recovers enough to boost home sales,” he said. “The lending market remains buoyed by cheap money but clouded by major uncertainty.”

The flood of home refinancing has saved North Texas homeowners millions of dollars in monthly payments and is a boost to the local economy.

Refinancing a $300,000 long-term home loan from 4% to current rates saves about $170 a month in payments.

The pace of home refinancing may slow during the remainder of the year.

The country’s two largest mortgage companies — government owned Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — have announced that they will start charging an additional half percentage point for home refinancing starting next month.

That could significantly reduce the savings homeowners can get by redoing their loans.

This year’s sharp increase in home refinancing has taxed mortgage companies and home appraisers trying to keep up with the demand.

And the same low interest rates that have driven the refinancings led to a 25% year-over-year jump in home purchases in North Texas in July.

Home refinancing has boomed with the record low mortgage rates.
Home refinancing has boomed with the record low mortgage rates.(Attom Data Solutions )

Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor. Steve covers commercial and residential real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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