Are you living in the home that you want to be living in?

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day…and I thought…hmm…I need to throw that out there and see what you think about it. So the question is, “Are you living in the home that you want to be living in?” Kind of an interesting question, isn’t it? I think we all get used to just living in our home and accepting whatever it is that bugs us, or isn’t quite right, or it doesn’t quite fit, or whatever that is. I think we just get used to it and just go, “Oh, well, it’s fine, it’s fine.” Really? Do you want to be living in just fine? How about living in the home that you want to be living in? I think these times have found us with different needs in our homes.

We need office space now. Whoever thought that that would be an issue, but it is. And I think it’s going to be for the foreseeable future. So, instead of just a three bedroom, two bath home that we all live in and hanging out in the den and the kitchen and sleep in our bedrooms. I think we’re finding that we need more versatile rooms than we did before. So, I ask you again, is your home serving the needs that it needs to for you and the way you’re living now? And if that question is no, then we can do a whole lot of things about that. Have you considered putting your house on the market for sale?

This time, last year, we had hundreds more houses to sell than we do now. And so that’s putting the buyers that are out there, all fighting for one house. So, if there was ever a time that you were thinking about getting in the house that does fit your needs, this may be the time to think about it. Are you living in a house that fits your needs now? Think about that. And if it’s something that you’re wanting some information on, or just throw it out there, what is my home worth now? Who knows, might be worth several, several hundred thousands more than what you paid for it. I think you might be really surprised, especially those of you who have bought in the last three, five, seven years. I think you would be amazed at how much your home is worth now.

Just the equity alone in your home is substantial. Even if you’re not thinking about moving right now, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to refinance your home because interest rates are ridiculous. They’re almost paying you to get a loan right now. It is really crazy to see rates go below 3% and they are. If you’re not living in the home that you want to be living in, let’s talk and let’s see what we can do to find you the house that does fit your needs and know that we can get yours sold. That’s not going to be a problem right now, I don’t think we’re going to see issues on that. As with anything, a home needs to be priced right, for what it is, what needs to be done to it. Updates, no updates, whatever any home will sell, priced correctly. There’s the operative word. If we can help you with that, please give us a call.

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