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Are you thinking about selling your home this year? I know that there are some concerns about selling your home. You don’t mind selling your home. That’s not the problem. The problem is, where are you going to go? I understand that. I understand the issues with that right now, with inventory as low as it is. But in my 30 years of real estate, I’ve never left anyone homeless. So there’s some solutions to that. Maybe we find buyers who have the flexibility. Maybe they’re renting and they can go month-to-month. Maybe they can close on your house or not close for three or four months, whatever works best for all parties.

It’s not necessary that you have to buy. I mean…put your house on the market…sell within 30 days and figure out where you’re going to go. There’s alternatives here. If that’s your concern, if you’re really wanting to sell this year, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about the different ways that we can make that happen for you in a very seamless way. There are a lots of different ways to solve this problem.

But that seems to be the biggest concern for the sellers right now is, “Yeah, you bet we could sell our home and you could sell it pretty quickly. But where are we going to go?” Just know that we have some solutions for you. It doesn’t have to be as hysterical as it seems like it would be. So let’s talk, come up with some solutions, come up with some ways to solve the problem and let’s figure out what we can do for you if you really don’t want to make a move in 2021.

You can reach me at (214) 365-6500 or email Our website is full of information and find all kinds of information. The main thing is we are here to help you and there are ways to help you through this selling season.

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