A Better Way To Transition To Your New Home

Until now, purchasing a home while selling your current one involved either short-term leases, home-sale contingencies that can ruin offers, or worries about dueling close dates. EasyKnock is eliminating these stressors with their new program MoveAbility, a bridge solution that flips the home-buying process. Get up to 75% of
your home value upfront and rent your current home for up to 12 months while you find your next one. When you’re ready to move, work with your realtor to list your home and receive the rest of your home value.

How it Works

STEP 1 – Get A Personalized Plan
An EasyKnock specialist will create a plan that purchases your home and gives you up to 75% of your home value upfront, and provides a flexible lease for up to 12 months.

STEP 2 – Sign and Get Time & Money
Once due diligence and appraisal are completed, we both sign closing documents and you receive your money.

STEP 3 – List & Move When
You’re Ready Stay in your home and work with your realtor to sell your house on the market. Once sold, you are ready to move and receive your remaining
home value plus any appreciation accrued during the lease.

The Benefits

Flip The Home Buying Process – Focus on buying your next home. Once EasyKnock purchases the home, your mortgage is cleared, letting you make stronger offers without having to pay for a costly short-term lease.

Put Your Equity To Work – With the upfront payment, you can use the cash however you see fit. Make improvements to your home prior to listing, clear debts for a stronger pre-approval, or make a larger down payment.

Close On Your Timeline – MoveAbility leases are up to a year, providing time and flexibility to finding your dream home. MoveAbility removes the pressure from a dual transaction.


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