North Texas Food Bank To The Housing Crisis

Each year, the Dallas Native Team, chooses a charity at the beginning of the year that we’re going to support throughout the year from our commissions. In 2020, we chose North Texas Food Bank. Who knew in January…when we made that decision…the impact it would have throughout the year? We were so thrilled to partner with them throughout 2020.

Now 2021, we jumped into another charity that’s near and dear to our heart, and that’s the Housing Crisis Center. Their goal is to prevent homelessness, and shouldn’t that be a goal for all of us? Those of us in the housing industry especially, homelessness is near and dear to my heart and something that breaks my heart. So I love working with the Housing Crisis Center, because their whole goal is to find housing to stabilize those in risk with decent and affordable and permanent housing, and to empower them to solve their own housing problems for the future.

Their needs are great, as are all of the charities right now. So items that can help them get into housing, whether it’s dishes, silverware, furniture, linens or monetary needs. We are so honored to be working with them this year as our 2021 project. We look forward to filling you in as the year goes along to let you know how it’s going and what wonderful things we’ve accomplished.

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