5 Tips for a Easy Home Organization

Having a home is not just about the walls and the spaces created out of brick and mortar. It is your personal and special space — a space you design for yourself and your family to live in.

However, our homes also bear the brunt of our habits, daily activities and crazy shopping bouts. If you do not take proper care of your house, sooner rather than later you will be living in a mess and playing treasure hunt every day to find what you need. Home organizing once is not enough for a place that stores all your necessities and luxuries. Regular organizing and cleaning are a must for homes that look and feel clean.

Tackle the Difficult Spots First

Bathroom storage and organization

Beat the Bathroom (Organization) Blues

Always opt for drawers rather than doored cabinets for your bathroom storage. Drawer inserts and organizers are a great help in keeping all the hair ties, brushes, creams and make-up in perfect order and out of sight, thus giving the bathroom a much cleaner look.

And to make your bathroom even sleeker, invest in luxurious electric towel warmers. These now come with an automatic shut-off option and can be installed in most drawers. The best thing about them is that they eliminate the need for bulky wall-hung towel warming bars that mar the look of your bathroom walls.

Employ Smart Storage in the Kitchen

Stock cabinets are a great way to enhance storage and the style of your kitchen. If you have unused space or big windows in the kitchen, building a storage cabinet with a window seat can be a delightful option.

A moveable, stand-alone cabinet that can be slipped under the sink or a countertop is a great space utilization tactic.

A sliding pot and pan holder drawer will also help in preventing the clutter of utensils and make them easily accessible. Arrange the pots according to their color or size.

Closet storage and organization

Storage Solutions for Bedroom and Closet

For smart storage make spaces in these rooms that are accessible and easy to handle. Having adjustable racks can go a long way in keeping a closet systematic, especially when you are an impulsive shopper. Install pull-down rods in your closet to hang all those items you don’t need daily. You will be making the best utility of the closet height as well as keeping those clothes out of the way.

Hangers and hanging organizers are your go-to solutions to have neat bedrooms and organized closets. Pick the right hanger for the right garment. It should hold the garment well and not let it slide off. If that happens you are more likely to leave the garment on the bed or roll it and put it in the closet which will only leave it muddled and wrinkled. I have done that too. But now, that I have sets of fabulous clothing hangers, my dresses and shirts stay in much better condition
Having a corner pedestal table or an Ikea bedside table with drawers and cabinets is not expensive or space consuming. But it can be a great help to pile up those bed-time books, the watch you remove before hitting the bed or the bottle of water you like having close to your bed. It will definitely prevent the dresser clutter.

Dealing with Kid Clutter: Organization for Children Spaces

Don’t pull your hair out over the clutter created by your kids but employ some basic practices and ideas to deal with them. Do not encourage your children to hoard. When there is more than a room or a house can hold, there is bound to be clutter. You cannot have too many drawers or cabinets in children’s rooms when they are too small as they might mishandle these and get hurt.

The best thing to maintain cleanliness and orderliness in children’s rooms is to teach them to hide and purge. Have colorful baskets on the floor and label them according to the toys the kids possess. It could be labeled dolls, cars and so on.

Play with your kids and make them understand the importance of putting things back in their place. Ask them to hide their toys in these baskets when they are not playing. Encourage kids to give away toys, clothes, and board games they don’t use anymore. Don’t overcrowd children’s rooms. Buy them classic toys and games like Lego, which will keep them occupied for long and also help in their mental growth. The more they are occupied in something creative, they less clutter they will create.

The storage and organization solutions given here will work well in most cases. However, when trying something new in your home think about the spaces and options available to you first. Spend some time to ponder over the best and the most feasible options to make storage and organization easy for your home. Talk to interior design experts and family members and design storage options that are the best fit for you.

Information provided by The Money Pit Team

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