5 Stunning Stairway Trends for Your Home

Sometimes sweeping, or sometimes straight, there is nothing quite as magnificent as a stair system to capture attention in the home. Whether sporting classic wooden rails and balusters or stainless steel cable and tubing, a home’s stairway makes a statement about the home’s design and its owners. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a cherished older home, there are a wide array of stunning stairway trends to choose from.


Box Newels

Round newels, move over — there’s a new style in town!

Box newels have been the biggest trend in stairways for the past five years. Considered the “anchor” of the stair system, box newels work well with a variety of balusters to create unique looks in the home. Box newels are especially fitting in Arts and Crafts and Mission/Minimalistic style homes.  Whether a small box newel for tight spaces or a larger box newel for a grand entryway, the appearance of box newels is a trend that’s here to stay.

When working with a top-quality stair system company, you can also customize your box newels to the perfect style for your home.  Want your last name initial inlaid in the face of the box newel? That can be done. Looking to have a wooden box newel created in the same species of wood as your flooring? Yes, that can be done too. Want a very personalized box newel made out of the barn wood found on your grandparent’s property?  If you can dream it, there’s a way to make it happen.


Iron Balusters

Balusters, which are the long “rods” that are vertically installed to the handrail and floor, come in a multitude of material options. While wood was previously the front-runner in this category, iron balusters are now taking center stage.

Iron balusters have become so popular (and affordable!) that they’re used in every type of home from starter homes to luxury and custom-built homes.  Whether selecting an “Old World” look of solid iron balusters or the more contemporary look of hollow balusters, iron balusters demand attention.

There are many types and styles of iron balusters that can accentuate your home setting. From straight rods to ornate to contemporary, iron balusters come in a wide array of styles.  You can also select from different iron options, such as matte nickel, low sheen black, oil rubbed copper and more. These colors can matched with other elements of your home including hinges, cabinet hardware, faucets and even lighting fixtures.

By mixing-and-matching iron balusters, you can also create your own customized stair system. To get started, just select a simplistic baluster to begin with, and then every third baluster add sin an ornate baluster with swirls … or vice versa. The decisions are up to you!


Square Balusters

If you’re not using an iron baluster these days, then you’re most likely incorporating a square baluster into your stair system.

The most popular look in square balusters in the marketplace today is a beautifully primed square baluster that pairs perfectly with painted risers. These wooden balusters are available in a wide variety of species so that you can have the wood that best complements your home interior.


Stainless Steel Cable and Tube

Superman, the Man of Steel, would love this stairway trend. You may have seen this before on exterior decks, but interior stair systems are now also trending toward the use of stainless steel cable and tubing.

Popular for lofts and condos in city settings, stainless steel cable has a sleek, modern appeal. The thin cable creates the aura of clean lines installed horizontally while also maximizing viewing through the stair system. Matched up with black metal or classic wooden newels and these stainless steel stair system elements create a fresh, simple look.


Linear Metal Panels

For builders and homeowners looking for the most modern look in the market that’s also easy to install, consider metal panels.

At L.J. Smith for example, the Linear Panel System was created to provide the newest look in modern stairway design. This collection consists of pre-assembled panels resulting in a very simplified installation process for open tread stairs, kneewall stairs, and level run applications.

The easy-to-install Linear Panels can be pre-built to fit, and only need a few screw holes drilled for installation. You can also forget the glue, sanding, code issues, drilling of baluster holes, marking and cutting to fit. These trendy panels come ready to install.

Once complete, this appealing stair system features metal panels, newels, and posts complemented by wooden handrails, handrail fitting, and stair treads.


Stairway Railing Color Trends

If you’ve decided to go with wooden balusters, newels or handrails, think dark. As in super dark.  Very dark wood stains on all types of stairway parts have become a major trend for many homeowners. Chocolate and mocha, terms used by designers to designate extremely dark stains, are key front-runners in this dark stain stairway trend.

How did this dark stain trend originate? Cabinet and flooring companies usually initiate trends, and they’ve done a great job promoting darker finishes and wood species.

So, if you’re in a home that’s getting new darker-stained cabinets, hardwood floors or even your front entry door, then it’s natural to continue that darker wooden look with the various parts of your stair system.


Stairway railings may have originally been intended for safety, but today there has never been a better time to find a stylish stairway railing design that provides for safe access, but while adding beauty and sophistication to your home.  For more tips on staircase trends and products visit www.LJSmith.com.

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