Budget-Friendly Ways To Get The Most Money For Your Home And The Quickest Sale

The first thing that home buyers see when they arrive at your home is your curb appeal. How attractive is your home? You don’t need to get new siding or a lay a brick walkway to make your exterior look nice! Here are several things that you can do on a budget.

  • Power wash your siding if necessary-you can rent equipment from Home Depot
  • Clean out your flower beds-that means remove the leaves, extra debris, and weeds
  • Mulch and plant seasonal flower or plants
  • Trim bushes
  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Reseed your lawn if needed
  • If your exterior is in bad shape and you are trying to get the most money for your home, you may want to repaint, stain or get your siding repaired

After the buyer is enticed to get out of their car, the next step is to get them into your front door. If the entryway looks appealing, you will have them guessing about the inside of the house. Keep them wanting more by completing these tasks!

  • Add a welcome mat to your front door and other doors around your home. Layer door mats for a more styled look
  • Pot fresh flowers in planters around your door
  • Give your front door a new coat of paint or stain if needed
  • Keep your porch lights on at night for potential drive-bys

Less is more when selling your home! I can’t say that enough! Buyers need to see the floors in order to decide if they want to live there! If you have boxes of things or a room filled with junk, they are going to be less inclined to make you an offer. Use the items below as a good rule of thumb when decluttering.

  • Remove excessive personal items-this includes collectibles, awards, photographs and anything that is dripping in your personal style
  • A couple of family photos are acceptable, but a gallery wall of your kids from birth to age 18 are a big deterrent to buyers.
  • Declutter bathroom and kitchen counters
  • Minimize items on table tops, nightstands, and bookshelves
  • Don’t overlook your closets! Buyers WILL look inside your closets when viewing your home. Show off maximum storage space!

Let’s talk paint! When selling your home, paint is your best friend. You can pay someone to paint your home or, as a way to cut costs, it might be something that you can take on yourself. In order to maximize your profits, keep these key points about paint in mind when selling your house.

  • It is the quickest way to update an outdated or uninviting space.
  • It’s an inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your home.
  • Neutral paint colors are best when selling your home.
  • Neutral colors help buyers see a clean slate and can more easily envision themselves living there.
  • Get rid of dark or bold colors and patterns, because they do not speak to the masses.

Remember when I said, less is more when selling your house? I’m saying it again! People want to be able to walk freely around your home, not worrying about squeezing through a room crowded with furniture. Here’s what you can do to offer the best furniture set-up when selling your home.

In the image above, you can see how seating arrangement makes a big difference in the look of the space. Sarah added a larger rug and coffee table, but by rearranging the furniture, she made the room feel more open and larger!

  • Remove excess furniture, because less furniture will make a room feel larger.
  • You can put furniture in storage or sell it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or contact a local antiques dealer if necessary.
  • Use any money from selling furniture or other items to put toward your home selling and staging budget.
  • Create conversation areas if possible when rearranging furniture.If you have a home where the furniture has been removed, it’s important to fill as many rooms as possible to help buyers envision how they can use the space.
  • On top of rearranging furniture, you can update the look of older pieces by painting or changing out the hardware. This is a great way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets!

If you want to sell your house quickly and for the most amount of money, here are some finishing touches that you can add to present your home in the best possible light! During an open house, your realtor will handle a lot of these items, but it’s great to be prepared for last-minute showings!

  • Open blinds and drapes to let as much natural light in as possible.
  • Turn on as many lights as possible, especially at night. Lighter and brighter makes everyone happier.
  • Light a candle in your kitchen and bathrooms to give the house an inviting smell.
  • Add fresh flowers or greenery around your home in places such as your kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms.

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