Kitesurf On The Texas Coast

Grab a wave and go kitesurfing in Texas. Discover the scenic beaches along the Texas coastline while learning more about this emerging sport. It’s a refreshing mix of adrenaline and beauty, as you glide across the gulf coast waters and catch breathtaking views of the Texas shore from the air.

The fastest growing watersport in the world with more than one million enthusiasts, kitesurfing brings more boards, kites and thrill seekers to the Gulf Coast each year. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro looking to slice through the waves, skim along the water’s surface or jump the wakes, there are no limits when it comes to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Kiteboarding in Corpus Christi

Surfside Beach is great for those new to the world of kitesurfing, as the normal wave quality and sand-bar wave type, right and left wave directions and sandy bottom are ideal conditions for catching your first wave. Surfers looking to take their kitesurfing skills to the next level should head to the Coastal Bend or “triple threat” of Corpus ChristiMustang Island and Port Aransas, which together boast more than a dozen great launch sites.

Corpus Christi Kitesurfing

In recent years Corpus Christi has exploded in popularity among kitesurfers from Texas and beyond with some of the premier riding spots in the world. For surfers looking for smoother water allowing easy starts and fast speed, Corpus Christi Bay is the place to be. The steady coastal breeze helps carve a path upwind and away from the more adventurous surfers from Mustang Island.

Mustang Island & Port Aransas

Known as a hot surf spot for many years and growing as a popular kitesurfing area, JP Luby Surf Beach Park on  Mustang Island draws all ages to the beach for a variety of activities. Many beach-goers particularly enjoy the convenient rental equipment offered by vendors up and down the beach during summer months. Consistent offshore winds blow from the west to northwest, providing a promising surf at all stages of the tide. Port Aransas is another ultimate wave riding spot with strong northeast winds and an easy beach launch. A long rock jetty provides smooth water and rolling waves that get bigger the farther you venture out. This is a favorite spot for many locals whenever a cold front moves through.

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South Padre Island Kiteboarding

Both seasoned pros and curious novices find thrill in the southern tip of Texas at South Padre Island, which offers both beginner and expert launch sites. For beginners or those trying to land a new trick, the North Flats are known for their large size and smooth water. Surfers that have launched from this site compare it to riding on glass or flying.

Experienced kitesurfers will enjoy Isla Blanca Park, considered by many to be one of the best kitesurfing spots in North America. Kitesurfers typically begin their downwind route here and head north through town, only to catch a cab back and do it all over again. With so many kitesurfing options, leave the land behind and let the wind carry you away to the Texas Gulf Coast. Warm, clear water and gentle waves throughout the seasons make for ideal surfing conditions year round.

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