8 Breathtaking Views in Texas

Looking for a one-of-a-kind vacation? Texas has jaw-dropping views you won’t find anywhere else and spectacles you’ll never forget. Plan to hike, explore urban getaways, hit the road for Texas fall scenic drives and stargaze to take in breathtaking views like these.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

A natural wonder just 23 miles outside of Austin, the Hamilton Pool Preserve formed thousands of years ago to meld rushing waterfalls with a shallow blue swimming hole. Stand under the crater’s ledge to get drenched and admire the pool’s cavern.

Public Art in Marfa

A tiny desert town with big-name festivals and unique public art, Marfa is like nowhere else. A trading post for ranchers living in the surrounding mountains, it’s now home to dozens of large-scale art installations situated over 340 acres that were once an Army base.

Big Bend National Park

One of the most picturesque national parks, Big Bend has canyons, rivers and desert wildlife worth exploring and admiring. There are many things to do in the region and you won’t want to miss seeing the afternoon or early morning shadows stretch across orange valleys and waterways—sunrise here is particularly colorful.

Reunion Tower in Dallas

Spectacular cityscapes aren’t hard to find in Texas, either. Dallas’s Reunion Tower GeO-Deck offers 360-degree views and interactive media that will allow you to see for miles, day or night. Come for the view and stay for the bar and restaurant dining.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Traverse under, over and in between the beautifully intricate formations in the Natural Bridge Caverns. After wandering over bottomless expanses and gazing up at towering pillars, you will return to the surface mesmerized by the underground scenery.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Canyon systems in the Texas Panhandle converge at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, where orange formations of desert rock create jagged skylines and arid valleys. Visitors can admire the surroundings on horseback, while hiking or from a zip line.

Monahans Sandhills State Park

More than 3,800 acres of dunes make up Monahans Sandhills State Park. Reminiscent of the Sahara Desert (sans camels), the wildlife area offers horseback riding, camping and sand surfing to those who explore its barren foothills.

Enchanted Rock

A state nature area perfect for stargazing, Enchanted Rock is a granite dome that rises high above the surrounding landscape for far-flung views. For remote tranquility, head to the rock for camping to enjoy the sunset and the starry night.

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