Garden Shed Storage Tips to Make the Most of Your Space

When it comes to garden sheds, being organized is the best way to maximize what you can fit inside, and make it easy to move things in and out. While there are as many ways to help you to maximize your garden shed space as there are things to store inside, here are a few useful ideas to help you start getting the most out of that space.

Hang Your Small Tools and Hardware

A garden shed is a great way to organize all of your tools. Before you buy or build a shed for your tools, first check local building codes for restrictions and permit requirements. Getting all of your small tools off the ground and up on the wall makes it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Plus, it provides a visual clue when a tool hasn’t been returned to its rightful spot. Some options include:

  • Peg Boards: Peg boards are an age-old way to organize tools, because they work. First,place the pegboard on the ground and figure out the best spacing for all the tools you want to store on it. Then, use a sharpie or a pencil and draw and outline of the tool on your peg board, and then mount the board on the wall of your garden shed. When you use a tool and don’t put it back, you will know that it is missing by the open area on the peg board.
  • Magnetic Tool Strips: With a strong magnetic strip you can hang nearly all of your handheld garden tools up on the wall. Simply mount the magnet to the shed and the tools will snap to the magnet.
  • Hanging Jars: If you have a collection of jars, use them to store your miscellaneous items, like nuts, bolts, zip ties, popsicle sticks, etc. Glue the lid to the bottom of a shelf. Then fill the jar with whatever you want in it and thread the jar to the lid.

Instead of wasting space on the floor or having a shelf with hoses and cords, hang them from the ceiling. This way you will save space and maximize the amount of free area that you have in your shed.

Most people only store equipment and tools inside their shed, but there is no reason you can’t hang durable tools like shovels and rakes on the outside of your shed. If you have an overhang, all the better. This will protect your equipment from getting wet and rusty.

Anything that is not prone to getting damaged, rusted, or broken like hoses or gardening tools can also be hung up outside as well. It’s a great place for plants too.

Shelves (opens in a new tab)”>Shelves

Shelves in your shed are a must to keep things off the shed floor, as well as help organize and maximize the amount of storage space you have to work with.

Shelving can be built or bought. If you opt for wood shelving units that sit on the floor, make sure that the floor of your shed doesn’t get wet. If it does, your shelves will eventually sponge up that water and start to rot. This can lead to the bottom giving away or the shelves tipping over.

Another option for wood shelving is to mount it to the wall. Be sure that the wall that you are mounting it to is sturdy and secure, and that you attach the shelves into studs. Otherwise any weight that you put on the shelf will force it to fall.

Lastly, plastic shelving is a viable option. High quality plastic shelves are inexpensive, sturdy and won’t absorb or retain water.

Keep Chemicals Separated

Sheds are a often a place where hazardous fuels, automotive lubricants, and lawn chemicals get stored side by side. When designing the layout of your shed, be sure to plans space to keep chemicals apart and secured. The last thing that you want to happen is to have gasoline leaking on something like fertilizer, which can cause an explosive chemical reaction. Or have children’s toys stored near dangerous chemicals.

It’s also important to note temperatures at which products can be stored. If it gets too hot in your shed, and you are storing chemicals that have a high temperature warning, you will need to add animal-proof ventilation to the structure to ensure that it is properly ventilated while preventing squirrels and chipmunks from getting in and causing a ruckus.

Garden shed

Have an Organization System for Your Larger Hand Tools

Large garden tools like shovels and rakes can be particularly cumbersome to store in the shed. Often, they get piled up in a corner, forcing you to pull half of your equipment out to separate the rake you want from the rest of the tools. With the right organization system, you can hang all of your garden tools and keep them separated and easily accessible.

Sheds are definitely a very functional utility building that adds to any yard. By planning, organizing and installing storage solutions, you can keep that space useful and functional for years to come.

How to Buy or Build a Shed

If you don’t already have a shed or want more space to unburden and overstuffed garage, it may be time to build one or buy one. Learning how to build your own shed can save you money and it is actually easier than you think. For ideas, consider this 8×10 gable shed plan from 3DSHEDPLANS.COM. Online shed plans like this walk you through the process and you can have your shed built in under a week.

Whether you build one or buy one, keep that shed organized and you should never run out of room.

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