Time For North Texas Buyers To Finally Strike On Landing A Home

The 2022 housing market in North Texas is looking a lot less frenzied according to a local real estate agent, and it might be the time for new buyers to finally strike on landing a home.

Michael Coburn is the owner and broker of RE/MAX Town and Country.

He says the next few months and into 2022 will see a less competitive market in DFW.

Coburn added, “Going into next year sellers remain very strong, but with price stabilization and the continuation of low interest rates going into the next few months buyers are going to find it a lot more advantageous to buy a home than in 2021.”

He offers an easy tip that could help you land a house.

Coburn said, “If you see a house that’s made it through it’s first weekend and doesn’t have multiple offers yet and you like that house, jump!”

He says that’s where you can find a better deal.

Coburn adds, “This is the time going into the next few months that you are going to find deals. You are going to find a home that you love and at a good price because of the price stabilization. And the rates are still great.”

The advice from experts is also to keep in mind that all of the activity is expected to pick up again come the spring.

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