Home Plumbing Tips

Try these DIY prevention tips to stop plumbing problems before they start. 

  • Plumbing problems can lead to sky-high water bills – not to mention major structural damage to your home.  A small leak could waste tens of thousands of gallons of water each year and result in much larger headaches.  Use these tips to help make regular DIY plumbing inspections all around your house.
  • Be mindful about what goes in the drain
  • The garbage disposal can be a great tool, but be sure there is plenty of water running when scraps are fed into the drain.  Fats and oils can become clogs when poured in the drain.  It’s always best to place eggs shells and potato peels in the garbage since they have a tendency to clog drains.
  • Try the water meter trick
  • Water meters are great leakage detectors.  Note the current level of water usage on your meter, and then suspend all water usage for 30 minutes, making sure all water-using appliances are turned off.  Recheck the meter.  If the triangular leak indicator is spinning or the dial hand has moved or the number has increased, you may have a leak.
  • Focus on faulty plumbing
  • Shutoff valves and copper and brass fittings are the first places corrosion occurs.  The likelihood of corrosion is greater if the metals are mismatched, as when galvanized pipes connect directly to copper lines.  This should be repaired immediately.  But if the pipes are corroded or rusted, have them replaced.
  • Remedy the problems
  • You don’t have to be an expert to fix small plumbing issues, if you feel comfortable and confident taking them on.  If you have water-damaged flooring and walls, consider hiring a plumbing pro to fix the leak, and then replace the damaged areas to avoid mold growth.  For major problems or anything you’re unsure how to fix, always call an expert.

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