Staying In A Bubble

“The Basecamp Bubbles definitely stand out from the ghost town’s other destinations, and they also offer the nation a unique new way to appreciate our starlit Texas skies.” — The Houston Chronicle

​”Staying in one of Basecamp Terlingua’s two bubbles is like staying in a deluxe, transparent tent with the amenities of a hotel room.” — Texas Highways Magazine

Important things to know before entering the Bubbles

The Bubbles stay inflated by a small turbine that blows in the air. The turbine is necessary for the Bubble to keep its form. In order for the turbine to work properly, it is also necessary that one of the doors of the airlock entrance module be closed at all times. The doors should be opened and then closed immediately behind you before opening another entrance door. Failure to do so will cause the Bubble to begin to deflate rapidly. If you do accidentally forget to close the entrance door behind you, and your bubble starts to deflate, don’t panic! Quickly close the entrance door shut and your bubble will slowly inflate again. Voila!

Yes, the Bubbles are see-through.

We have carefully designed the Bubbles to be out of sight of one another, and away from any other dwellings. You should have plenty of privacy unless you, or your neighbor, intentionally trespass onto the others’ space. Please do not do this, and please do let us know if someone does it to you.

The Bubbles are made of vinyl.

We have intentionally set our firepits away from the Bubbles, as embers flying from a fire can very easily burn a hole in them, but if there is strong wind during your stay please do not start a fire! If you decide to have a fire when the weather is good please make sure your fire is put out at the end of the night. There is a hose available nearby if it is still burning when you’re ready to go to bed.

While we do have awesome fire pits available at all of our rentals, we do not provide firewood!
We do provide a Berkey water filter than can be refilled by pouring tap water into the top reservoir. Supplies can be purchased from the Cottonwood Grocer Store in Study Butte.

Bubbles are insanely popular and are usually booked months in advance.  The easiest way to find availability is by clicking here for the Bubbles at Basecamp Terlingua and here. All of the Bubble types are at the top and you can see which ones are open for specific dates. This calendar is updated immediately when we get a cancellation. If you don’t see availability on the calendar, we don’t have any availability.  Unfortunately, we are unable to keep waitlists. Again, our availability is accurate on the website at all times. However if you have having trouble booking don’t hesitate to contact us.

7 Bubbles with 10 more coming July 2022. Click here to see more detailed information about each Bubble.

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