When shouldn’t you file a homeowners insurance claim?

The claim amount is close to your deductible

If the repair bill for the damage to your home is less than or close to your home insurance policy’s deductible amount, it probably won’t benefit you in the short term or the long run to file a claim.

You’ve filed multiple claims in the last three yearsOK

If you’ve filed several home insurance claims in a short period of time, it could result in a negative reaction from your provider.

When should I file a homeowners insurance claim?

Repair costs are beyond your financial means.

If the damage due to a covered peril is too significant for you to handle financially, and is well above your deductible, file a claim.

It’s your first claim

If you’ve never filed a home insurance claim before, your home insurance company will probably still increase your premium, but it shouldn’t put you in a high-risk category. Nor should it put you at risk for nonrenewal. That’s usually only a concern if you wind up filing multiple claims in a short period of time.

Is my home insurance claim covered?

The simplest, most effective way to make sure your claim will be covered is to read your homeowners insurance policy and consult your agent. This can help you avoid an unnecessary rate increase.









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