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4th of July Safety Tips

American Flags, BBQ at your patio and Fireworks galore! Many of us celebrate 4th of July with those three things. Although fireworks during 4th of July are as American as apple-pie, did you know that more than twice the number of fires are reported on that day than on any other day of the year in the United States? What’s more surprising is that two out of five of these fires are caused by fireworks. According to the Pediatric Urgent Care, it has also been found that the risk of a firework-related injury is highest among 12-24 year olds, followed by children under 10 years old. Also, more than 80% of emergency room fireworks injuries involve using fireworks that are NOT permitted to be used. On a good note, it is in your hands to avoid being part of a statistic and enjoy your holiday and fireworks by following these simple safety tips:

1.     Be sure that the fireworks you are looking into are legal in your area before buying and using.

2.     Always have an adult supervise fireworks activities and never let children light the firework or play with the fireworks. Sparklers alone account for one quarter of emergency room fireworks injuries.

3.     Use fireworks outside only and NEVER use them near dry grass or other flammable materials.

4.     Keep a safe distance from the fireworks.

5.     Never experiment with fireworks.

6.     Keep a bucket of water or a hose handy in case of malfunction or fire.

7.     DO NOT RE-LIGHT a firework that malfunctions. Douse and soak them in water then throw them away.

8.     Never ignite fireworks in a container, especially glass or metal.

9.     Do not wear loose fitting clothing and never carry fireworks in your pockets.

10.  Please note that not all cities allow fireworks. Find out if the city where you live allows legal fireworks.

FIREWORKS ARE NOT TOYS. Parents are liable for any damage or injuries caused by their children using fireworks. Does your homeowners insurance policy protect you?

Be careful and may you have a fun Independence Day celebration! USA! USA! USA!




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