Gobble, Jog, Repeat: YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot

Gobble, Jog, Repeat: YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot

Hey trotters and fitness enthusiasts! Guess what? This year, I **almost**  had to dive headfirst into the holiday madness and sign up for the YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot! Let me tell you, it could have been a ride – deciding to join in to actually lacing up my running shoes on Thanksgiving morning. While I may not be in attendance here is what you should know if you are interested.

Decision Time: Because Why Not?

So, picture this: Lazing on the couch, probably overindulging in pumpkin pie, and a wild thought crosses your mind – why not shake things up this Thanksgiving? Instead of the usual food coma, throw in a 5K trot, shall we? A quick Google search later, and there it is, shining like a beacon of holiday fitness joy – the YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot.

The Sign-Up Saga

Tthe YMCA are total superheroes. They’ve got an online registration option too! A few clicks, a virtual high-five to my laptop screen, and boom – I’m officially a participant. I can almost feel the endorphins kicking in already.

Register Here

The Costume Conundrum

You can’t do a Turkey Trot without some festive flair, right? So, the next big decision: What will you wear? Turkey headband? Pilgrim hat? Full-on turkey costume? Choices, choices. In the end, we say settle for a turkey feather boa because why not add a touch of glam to your trot?

Trot Tales

The route takes us through the heart of Dallas, and let me tell you, running alongside fellow trotters in turkey hats is an experience like no other. High-fives, laughter, and the occasional gobble – it’s a trotting carnival, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Post-Trot Feast

And what’s a Turkey Trot without a post-trot feast? You earned that extra helping of mashed potatoes and an extra slice of pie. After all, it’s all about balance, right? So, to all my future trotters out there – sign up for the YMCA Dallas Turkey Trot! It’s a wild ride of sign-up shenanigans, costume craziness, and trotting triumphs. Gobble, jog, repeat – it’s the new Thanksgiving tradition we never knew we needed.


Catch you at the starting line next year, trotters! I want to take a moment to express our gratitude. This Thanksgiving, we are beyond thankful for each and every one of you – our amazing clients who make the journey worthwhile. Your support, trust, and enthusiasm are the real MVPs of our trotting tale.  So, from the Dallas Native Team family to yours, we’re wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of shared moments. May your hearts be as full as your plates, and may the spirit of gratitude linger long after the last trotter crosses the finish line.


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