Culinary Fight Night

Culinary Fight Night® is an interactive corporate catering and events firm that pairs two teams of chefs, head to head in a Vegas style boxing ring setting. At CFN®, each team is required to prepare a 3 course meal for the audience while incorporating various secret ingredients chosen by the guests beforehand via the CFN® website.  While enjoying a 6-course meal, audience members will be randomly chosen to answer various culinary trivia questions for a chance to win great prizes.  In the end, the audience will vote and the team leader with the most points will win a customized CFN® Championship Belt and the title of Culinary Fight Night® Champion.


Culinary Fight Night® offers the “ultimate foodie” a unique combination of entertainment and excitement while enjoying a gourmet meal. This concept has not only contributed to our immediate success but also has made Culinary Fight Night® truly unparalleled by today’s culinary competition and catering standards.

Once you decide that the CFN® experience is perfect for your group, the planning will begin. In our initial meeting, we’ll discuss development: number of guests, your custom 6 course menu and determine which 2 guests you’d like to make Team Leaders. Afterwards, the rest is up to us!

On the day of your event, our Management and Culinary Teams will produce your exclusive version of Culinary Fight Night®, Where Cooking and Competition Collide.

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