Upscale Ice Cream Stand Debuts

A new ice cream shop opens in southern Dallas’ Cedar Crest area, with a mission to help the community while making great ice cream. Called Steve & Cammy’s, it’s an ice cream parlor with an upscale atmosphere, located at 2839 Cedar Crest Blvd. Owners Steve and Cammy Jones say they hope to promote community revitalization by providing premium ice cream and other desserts for a modest price.

“Economically challenged communities are in need of revitalization,” Steve Jones says. “We want to encourage local entrepreneurs to invest time and resources to help re-establish a sense of pride in our neighborhoods.”

But let’s get to the sweets. They’ll be scooping 16 flavors in a variety of options, including ice cream from Blue Bell as well as two vegan offerings every day.

“We settled on 16 flavors, because that’s how many canisters fit in our freezer,” Steve says. “So 14 will be regular dairy options, and two will be vegan. We may also do a couple homemade flavors as well.”

In addition to ice cream, they’ll offer two signature family treats: Mama Pearl’s pecan candy and Cammy’s “Best of the South” pound cake.

“My roots are in South Texas and Louisiana, and my grandmother had a homemade pecan candy recipe that achieved a little fame,” Steve says. “My cousin makes it, so we’ll sell that exclusively at our store.”

They’ll also sell Cammy’s pound cake, with plans to do a vegan version after they open. “We’re going to do a vegan brownie at some point, as well,” Steve says.

Customers can get a sample of the sweets on July 16, plus T-shirts and balloons, when the shop will be hosting a grand opening event from 11 am-7 pm.

Their motto is “Strengthening communities one scoop at a time,” and that includes not only hiring local residents but also developing future initiatives to assist with local community building.

“We are passionate about helping the local community and offering the finest ice cream experience,” Steve says.

Courtesy of Dallas Culture Map

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