Woman finds lost diamond engagement ring on carrot 13 years later

The story of 84 year-old Mary Grams who found the diamond engagement ring that she lost in 2004… wrapped around a rather gnarly carrot.

The ring was lost, Grams thinks, when she was dealing with a “giant weed” in the garden of her farm in Alberta, Canada. It turned up again 13 years later when Gram’s daughter-in-law, Colleen Daley, found it around a carrot she pulled out of the garden.

“I knew it had to belong to either grandma or my mother-in-law,” Daley told 660 News, “because no other women have lived on that farm.

The farm has been in the family for 105 years.

“I asked my husband if he recognised the ring. And he said yeah. His mother had lost her engagement ring years ago in the garden and never found it again. And it turned up on this carrot.”

Daley also noted, quite accurately, that the carrot kind of looks like a finger, albeit a really warped one.

Perhaps the best thing about the discovery – other than it still fits Grams and she fully intends to start wearing it again – is that she never did tell her husband, Norman, who passed away five years ago, that she’d lost it. Instead she replaced it with her own dollars – talk about an independent lady ring – and he was never the wiser.

“I didn’t tell him, even, because I thought for sure he’d give me heck or something,” she said.

Now that Grams has put a ring on it again, we only wish she and her gnarly carrot could give heck to some of the people in the world really deserving of a hard time.

And remember, when things get tough, we need only close our eyes and picture a carrot wearing a diamond ring for 13 years, and the idea that you can think something is lost, but it will be found again when it’s the right time. And everything will (probably) be okay again.

Courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald

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