Holiday Decorating Ideas for Renters

Holiday decorating can feel like a major challenge when you live in a tiny apartment. Take a look at these out-of-the-box ideas that will make you feel happy and jolly, not cramped and crowded.


Photo by Laurie March

Lease a Mantel

One of the main hallmarks of Christmas decor is hanging stockings on the mantel. Don’t have a mantel but want the vibe? Rent a mantel for the from an event rental company for as little as $60 a week. Look for one that delivers and you can just focus on decking the halls.


Photo by Laurie March

Decorate With Happy Times

Missing the warm glow of a real fire? Cozy up your space by creating a shrine to your warmest entertaining moments with friends. Print and frame some shots from holiday parties, food and drink successes, and all those other fun moments with friends or family that are traditionally trapped in your phone memory.


Photo by Laurie March

Use Long-Lasting Greenery

Instead of expensive, fussy florals, save some cash by buying a big batch of fragrant greenery — like pine, cedar, juniper, or in this case eucalyptus. Spread it throughout your space in vases and arrangements where you’ll smell it the most. For a wonderful glow, tuck in tiny, fairy lights on a battery pack that can easily hide behind a vase.


Photo by Laurie March

Decorate Everywhere

For a cohesive look in a small space, bring the holidays into your bedroom or guest bedroom space too. The scent of eucalyptus is relaxing to most people. Before placing in a vase, cut stems at a 45-degree angle so branches will last longer.


Photo by Laurie March

Use the Unexpected

Looking for a fun twist on writing up a menu for premade cocktails? Use a framed photo and dry erase marker as a recipe board. It helps to use a black and white photo or something somewhat neutral so the words show up best.


Photo by Laurie March

Use Gifts as Decor

In a tiny space, don’t overlook unexpected opportunities to create cheer. Clear vases make a pretty way to display favorite ornaments. Did your shopping early? Presents you’ve wrapped that are awaiting delivery make sweet decor until handed over to their recipient.


Photo by Laurie March

Cocktail Cart

A small-scale bar cart is the perfect fit for a dedicated dram in the evenings. Vintage glasses like the rounded ‘roly poly’ style make holiday whiskey drinks feel special.


Photo by Laurie March

Christmas “Tree”

For a whimsical touch, decorate house plants that are already in the apartment — adding a little holiday spirit without taking up any additional space.


Photo by Laurie March

Go for Temporary Decor

Who doesn’t love decor you don’t have to store? Oversized balloons with confetti to coordinate with a starry holiday party, but don’t take up valuable space year-round.


Photo by Laurie March

Craft Lights

To create a vintage string light feel, cut out construction paper “light bulbs” and glue around the string.

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