Yes, that’s a Christmas tree on top of Pantego’s water tower

Tree tops water tower in quirky holiday decoration in Pantego

Look up and you’ll probably spot it if you’re in Pantego this holiday season. The town has crowned its water tower with a 12-foot Christmas tree.

“I’ve probably heard that question more than anything, ‘How do you do that?'” said Scott Williams, Pantego’s public works director.

It was Williams’ idea to put the tree on top of the tower.  They started doing it last Christmas and say it will now be an annually tradition.


The tree is nearly 200 feet up in the air, decorated with lights and a star.  It’s visible from miles away, including to the thousands of drivers that pass through and around the small town near Arlington.

A public works crew did the job of placing it last week.  They climbed up the interior of the tower via a small ladder, then hoisted the tree components up the side of the tank with a rope, documenting it all on their cell phones, including the wild view from the top.  The tree was lit last week in conjunction with the town’s terrestrial tree lighting event.

Other towns decorate water towers with strings of lights, but Williams says his is the only water tower to feature an actual Christmas tree.  He says it his hope to spread a little joy to Pantego residents and visitors and remind them about the year-round work of his Public Works crews.

“We provide so much for our community, but we’re in essence unsung heroes,” he said.  “So how can we shine?  How can we show the job that the Public Works Department is doing?”

His answer is some holiday cheer and very big present under the tree.

Williams says it is their hope to bring a little joy to residents and visitors.

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