Bryan’s House

Bryan’s Story

We were founded at the peak of the HIV/AIDS crisis to care for children suffering from that dreaded, often fatal infection. Little Bryan Allen, whose mother contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion, was the inspiration for our name. In 1985, at only 8 months old, Bryan become one of the first Dallas area children to die from AIDS. Later, his mother Lydia and older brother Matthew also succumbed to AIDS.

Shifting Need

Over the years, while we served more than 15,000 children, easing their suffering and helping the families lead fulfilling lives, medical advances and education shifted the need. Today, happily, few children are born with HIV/AIDS. Treatment for those few is significantly more effective, they can lead good, long lives.

Evolving Model

But HIV/AIDS is still prevalent among adults, and their children are born into unstable, fragile households. These children can thrive within the special medically-managed care model that Bryan’s House has perfected. Moreover, that model extends smoothly to other medical needs of children. We have shown that our medically-trained caregivers can meet the needs of children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome, and more.

Thanks to Bryan’s House, these families can hold down jobs, support one another, receive critical counseling and education, and create safe, fulfilling households where their children can thrive.

What We Do

Today with capacity to serve over 1,200 people a year, we continue to honor the legacy of baby Bryan, Lydia and Matthew by providing services to comfort and support families in our community through:

  • Medically Managed Care
  • Respite Care
  • Social Services

Under our Medically Managed Care, 90% of children 0-5 years of age, 9% are their sibilings, and 1% are their families.




Information Courtesy Of Bryan’s House

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