Since 2006 we have been providing software and service to incredible arts organizations in the US and Canada. We work to thrill our users with our product and service while having a great time nurturing art in our world.


Arts People provides affordable, supported software to performing arts organizations across the US and Canada. Our product and company exist to help organizations work efficiently and achieve sustainability. We believe the arts have a profoundly positive effect on our world. We are grateful to be able to see it every day in our work with organizations bringing art to their communities.


We use social media channels and our internal forum to share information about our product, our company, and the community of Arts People users. We love exploring the intersection of art, culture and technology and we welcome you to join us. Arts People was called Ticket Turtle until June of 2013. We didn’t change ownership or focus, we just needed a name without the word “turtle” in it that conveyed who we really are. We are based in Portland, Oregon.



See how Arts People can transform your arts organization today.

“That was EXACTLY what I was looking for, thanks so much!
That makes my life sooo much easier. You ROCK!”

Patti Dyer, Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree, Portland, Oregon

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