Southern Dallas residents Concerned with Bullet Train’s path

There is a lot of hype around the proposed bullet train in North Texas.

Some residents in a southern Dallas neighborhood say one of the suggested routes might cut through their community and force them from their homes.

Homeowners describe it as a quaint community off Interstate 45 and Illinois Bouelvard in Oak Cliff.

“The majority of the time it’s really quiet, besides the highway noise,” Otis Clayborne II said.

Families living along LeMay Avenue and LeForge Avenue say the Texas Bullet Train has been a hot topic in their neighborhood for months since surveyors began canvassing the streets and going door-to-door more than one year ago.

“They said hey there’s a possibility your area might be in the route of the train,” Clayborne said.

About three dozen homes in the area could be impacted. Neighbors say they are being told the community could be wiped out by bullet train construction or cut in half.

Cynthia Boykin has been a property owner in the community for 20 years.

“A lot of different things go through your mind,” Boykin said. “Is it good for the environment? What is this going to do to the neighborhood?”

The possibility of relocating is a concern as neighbors watch property values increase across Dallas County.

Ally Thomas has lived in her home since the 1970s. She said relocating from a home that is paid for is a big worry.

“I’d want to be able to find somewhere that’s affordable to stay,” Thomas said. “Because, you know, I’m on a tight income.”

During public meetings about the bullet train project this week, Holly Reed, a spokeswoman from Texas Central, said staff has been working closely with property owners along the proposed routes.

“We’ve come to agreements with many landowners and homeowners along the alignment, as a matter of fact,” Reed said. “Thirty percent of the parcels along the alignment we’ve got an agreement with for an option program.”

As for Clayborne, he said the conversations have been promising, so far.

“When they came to me, it was a very nice offer,” he said.

Some other homeowners say they still have questions about the bullet train project.




Information Courtesy of Demond Fernandez, WFAA 6:27 PM. CST January 31, 2018

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