How to double your smartphone memory plus free anti-virus

A faster smarter smartphone with free virus protection.


Don’t buy a new smartphone just yet! In our continued quest to save you as much cash as possible, today we preserve your memories with a price drop that speeds up and backs up your tech with free virus protection.

The main reason most people buy a new smartphone is that they hae run out of space and their smartphone has become slower. Today you can double your smartphone or tablet capacity, share files with another device, back up your content and keep your smartphone protected against malware and viruses.

With this gadget, there is no more worrying about cloud-syncs, WiFi or expensive anti-virus solutions. More importantly, if your laptop, tablet or smartphone hard drive stops working, you now have a backup. There’s also no more waiting for lengthy data transfers. The DataLogixx can transfer large photo, video and data files in seconds.

Click the play button to see the ultimate storage and back-up solution in action.

Here’s how the DataLogixx works:

– Plug the corresponding storage solution into the bottom of your smartphone or tablet

– A free app seamlessly stores your photos, docs and videos securely

– You can also plug the iDisk’s USB end into a computer to back up your files

– Works with iPod, iPhone and iPad alongside this solution for Android owners.

– Includes one year of Bullguard Mobile Internet Security for seven devices at no additional charge

– Expands your memory to 64GB or 128GB

– Adapter fits iPad, iPhone, Android, micro-USB devices, laptops, desktops and more

– Lowest-recorded price today

$70 Off DataLogixx Memory Expander And All In One Adapter + Free Delivery

Was: $129.99

Now: $59.99

Additional larger storage sizes also available



Information Courtesy of  Author: Matt Granite Published: 10:15 AM EDT March 14, 2018 Updated: 5:19 AM EDT March 15, 2018

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