After The Contract

Today the Harrison Group sits down with one of our sellers Debbie Gomez, to discuss the results of all there hard work when getting there home ready to be put on the market.


Mary Beth H: Hi, this is Mary Beth Harrison with Dallas Native voice and I’m sitting here again with Debbie Gomez, our client on Hillglenn and we’re here because your house sold in 24 hours? It was crazy, wasn’t it?
Debbie Gomez: Practically, it was very crazy.
Mary Beth H: Oh my gosh, I don’t know how many showings we had through here. What? Like 24 in two days? It was crazy and numerous offers. It was just a crazy ride, wasn’t it?
Debbie Gomez: It was, yes.
Mary Beth H: Thankfully you all were out of town so we could just bring people through and it was no worry to you. That’s often a hard thing with our clients because you’ve got to almost be out of the house the whole time when it first hits the market. So how’d it go for you? What do you think?
Debbie Gomez: It was very interesting. It was very … I can say it helped a lot to have a team like you guys behind it. You guys just worked so well as a team.
Mary Beth H: Yeah. It is a great team.
Debbie Gomez: And that really helps a lot. This is our first time going through all of this but-
Mary Beth H: Yeah, you all have been here for a long time.
Debbie Gomez: Yes, we’ve lived here for over 13 years I think.
Mary Beth H: Wow, yeah the kids have grown up here and been born here and wow. Yeah that’s a long time.
Debbie Gomez: It is.
Mary Beth H: And so not only did you sell this one, but you bought another one.
Debbie Gomez: Yes, we’re excited.
Mary Beth H: And you’ve closed and you’re done?
Debbie Gomez: We’re almost closing. I think next week.
Mary Beth H: Oh, that’s right. You all close on the new house.
Debbie Gomez: Yes, the new house.
Mary Beth H: Okay, that’s right. This one’s done, that one’s … Yes, and then we got it so you could lease it back so you could be here for a little bit so it just made it really smooth, didn’t it?
Debbie Gomez: It did.
Mary Beth H: Yeah, I’ve got to say though, the reason this worked so well is because you all did your part. You made the house look great, you did everything we asked so when people walked in they saw just this clean pristine little model home for this long and then we got it done.
Debbie Gomez: Yeah, well thanks to your advice. You’re the one that gave us that advice and we would’ve never thought about it.
Mary Beth H: Yeah, it’s the little things. People buy what they see, you know?
Debbie Gomez: Yeah.
Mary Beth H: And I’m sure you all were the same way when you went to buy a house.
Debbie Gomez: Yes.
Mary Beth H: Yeah, you buy what you see and if it looks nice and it’s clean perceptually it looks like it’s going to be a good house.
Debbie Gomez: That’s right.
Mary Beth H: Well, I’m glad the experience went well for you and that makes me so happy when it just works. It just makes it great so I really appreciate it, and you’re right, I am incredibly fortunate to have the most incredible team and I realize that every day and am thankful for it every day.
Debbie Gomez: You guys are amazing.
Mary Beth H: Well, thanks for being such a great client. We appreciate you and thanks for listening.


Information Courtesy of Dallas Native 

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