3 Oversized Planters You Can Make From Upcycled Items

Amp up your curb appeal (and save some cash) by transforming an old tire, trash can or laundry basket into an eye-catching planter.

Jalynn Baker 

Upcycled Ombre Tire Planter

Don’t toss those spent tires! Turn them into chic planters with a little paint and a few basic materials from the hardware store.

What You’ll Need:

old tire

plastic terra cotta saucer

rolling plant base

white exterior spray paint + primer-in-one

navy blue exterior spray paint

light blue exterior spray paint

construction adhesive

Jalynn Baker

Clean + Paint

Thoroughly clean an old tire with degreaser, then follow up with soap, water and a hard bristle brush to get the majority of gunk out of the grooves. Let the tire dry completely, then spray with a base coat of white exterior paint + primer-in-one. Let that dry, then follow up with a second coat. Once paint is dry, lay the tire on its side and spray the bottom with navy blue spray paint, using quick short bursts to create the beginning of an ombre effect.

Jalynn Baker 


Spray a layer of light teal paint just above the navy blue paint in quick, short bursts, allowing the overspray to create the appearance that the colors are bleeding into one another. Let dry.


Jalynn Baker 

Paint Base

Find a plastic terra cotta saucer to fit the base of your tire. Paint the bottom of the saucer the same navy hue as your tire, then apply a line of construction adhesive along the saucer’s top edge.

Jalynn Baker 

Attach Base

Turn saucer over, center it and press firmly into the bottom of the tire.




More Information Provided by Chelsea Faulkner – HGTV

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