Plan holiday finances with this $40 money management software

Kualto helps you organize, manage expenses, and plan ahead with your money.

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When it comes to managing money, let’s face it: some of us are better at it than others. But whether you rely on an app, Excel, or good ol’ paper and pencil, keeping track of your spending habits is necessary in order to manage your accounts efficiently and effectively — and to plan ahead. If you’re looking for some help in getting your finances straight before the holiday season arrives, look no further than Kualto Money Management.

There’s a ton of stuff to think about when managing your money — daily expenses, monthly bills, budgeting for fun, etc. — and Kualto basically makes tracking all of that easier for you. Using a web-based tool, you can plan your expenses, save more, and anticipate how much you’ll have saved up to three years in advance. You’ll never miss a deadline, avoid those pesky overdraft fees, and see how your spending today will affect your account balance months from now. Kualto will send you bill reminders and assist you in budgeting your weekly expenses. It basically takes the tough part out of managing your money. Oh, and it does all of this without connecting to your bank account like other tools, so you know your money and data is totally safe.

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Kualto works on any internet browser and there’s a free app available for iPhone. Give your loved ones the presents they deserve this holiday season by getting your finances on track. Usually $239.40, a lifetime subscription to Kualto Money Management is just $39.99 right now on

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Published: 2:00 PM EDT November 2, 2018
Updated: 2:00 PM EDT November 2, 2018

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