Shen Yun


The culture of ancient China was divinely inspired. Shen Yun’s works reflect this rich spiritual heritage…


Shen Yun invites you to travel back to the magical world of ancient China. Experience a lost culture through the incredible art of classical Chinese dance, and see legends come to life. Shen Yun makes this possible by pushing the boundaries of the performing arts, with a unique blend of stunning costuming, high-tech backdrops, and an orchestra like no other. Be prepared for a theatrical experience that will take your breath away!

A Heritage Once Lost

The traditional Chinese culture Shen Yun presents cannot be seen anywhere else in the world—not even in China. There, the ruling communist regime has viewed China’s rich spiritual and artistic heritage as a threat to its ideology and for decades tried to erase it.

But in 2006, a group of Chinese artists came together in New York with a vision: to revive the best of China’s cultural heritage and share it with the world. They drew courage and inspiration from their practice of Falun Dafa—a spiritual discipline based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. The company’s repertoire includes important works shedding light on the plight of people like them in communist China today.

After a decade of performing around the world to sold-out audiences everywhere, Shen Yun has brought a great civilization back from the brink of extinction.

Show Information

The show runs 2 hours and 15 minutes including an intermission. Kids must be 4 or older to attend.

Tickets from $80 for each show during the troupe’s nearly month-long residency in Dallas-Fort Worth.
January 3–6: Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson; call 800/380-8165 for presenter; 972/744-4650 for Eisemann Center
January 7–8: Bass Performance Hall, 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth; call 800/380-8165
January 10–27: Winspear Opera House, 2403 Flora St., Dallas; call 800/380-8165

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