Inviting Colors to Paint a Front Door

Try a splash of gorgeous color to boost curb appeal and make your front entry more welcoming.


Cool Turquoise

Inspired by an antique cabinet she saw, Beyond the Screen Door blogger and designer Sonya Hamilton painted her own front door a brilliant blue-green and applied a glaze to mute the effect. The color is Sherwin-Williams Nifty Turquoise.

Burst of Sunshine

You just can’t sustain a bad mood in the presence of a bright yellow door. This one, which belongs to blogger Erin Loechner, is set off by charcoal-gray shake siding and a decal applied to the glass sidelight that says sweetly, “Hello.”

Statley Red

“The strong ocean blue and bright red shown here hold their own against the color of the exterior stone,” Erika says. This color combo is bold but still classic — it complements the historic feel of this home without imparting an ounce of stuffiness. Image courtesy of Behr Paints

Elegant Indigo

A Victorian home is a license to indulge in brilliant paint and trim choices. “This style of architecture has so much detail that it takes a dark or bold color to draw your attention to the front door as a focal point,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. This shade, Sherwin-Williams Indigo, harmonizes with the copper trim above and the brass hardware and kick plate below.

A Slice of Lime

It’s hard to resist painting a contemporary door an acidic shade, like this delicious Overt Green by Sherwin-Williams. “The simplicity of the door — which isn’t interrupted with panels, windows or other details — acts as a great blank canvas to apply bold color,” Jackie says.

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