Lonestar Murder Mystery

The award winning actors who created the original Lone Star Murder Mysteries take guests on a light hearted trip back to the Wild West, where laughs fly like bullets and hilarity is the law of the land.

Doors – 7:00 PM
Gourmet Buffet – 7:15 PM
Show – Mein Shaft – 8:00 PM

Billy Bob’s Texas
Historic Fort Worth Stockyards
2520 Rodeo Plaza
Fort Worth, TX 76164-8208

Call for Information: 817-624-7117

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If there are any seating requests or food allergies, please contact Billy Bob’s Texas Ticket Office at 817-624-7117 or email tickets@billybobstexas.com


Our interactive comedy murder mysteries are set in the 1880s, when Texas was wild and cattle was king. A time when the glow of lanterns along with the sounds of music and laughter from the local saloons created a welcome oasis for thirsty cowboys. Rustlers, wranglers, gamblers, saloon girls and lawmen were just a few of the colorful characters who wove the romantic tapestry of this bygone era. We invite you to take a light-hearted trip back to our version of the Wild West, “Where Historical meets Hysterical.®”


Grab your shovels and watch your step! A millionaire silver miner, John Schmidt, has been murdered and Marshal Jim Courtright must dig for clues to find out who got the shaft. Might Kit, his wife, be working the mine for her own benefit? Or maybe it was Katherine, the new gentlelady in town with an affinity for rich men and all things silver. Perhaps the eccentric Scotsman McPhiggis was aiming to get revenge. Or could it be the notorious gambler, Snake Eyes Roulette, has more than aces up his sleeves?  It’s a safe bet that with a cast of suspects as dangerous as a mine car filled with black powder trouble is bound to explode!

Marshal Jim Courtright: Jim is a straight arrow trying his best to maintain law and order in a rowdy frontier town. An intelligent, kind, and articulate gentleman, he has never married. The one true love of his life left him years ago without saying goodbye, and he’s never seen or heard from her since.

Snake Eyes Roulette: A professional gambler and cheater who got cheated on a gamble by John Schmidt, Snake Eyes has learned how to get what he wants over the years. He’s waited a long time to cash in and believes the odds are finally in his favor.   

William Alastair McDougal McPhiggis: A Scotsman by way of Savannah, Georgia, McPhiggis has seen hard times and suffered many business failures in recent years. If a trip around the world cost a dollar, he couldn’t get to the Oklahoma line. But he certainly isn’t afraid to put up a good fight!

Kit Schmidt: The newly married wife of millionaire silver miner, John Schmidt, Kit may not be the brains behind the success of the mine…or the brains of anything for that matter…but she sure doesn’t mind getting a little dirty to get what she wants. 

Katherine: Always on the move and recently settled in town, Katherine is a shrewd business woman in love or money. Sweet as sugar and hard as ice, she knows how to break your heart and take your fortune better than a room full of lawyers.

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