The priciest homes in Texas are in a Dallas-area ZIP code with a $16.75 million house on the market

If you want to find the priciest homes in Texas, don’t look for a Hill Country retreat or a deluxe condo in Houston.


The Park Cities neighborhood in the Dallas area has Texas’ most expensive homes up for grabs, according to a new comparison by

The online home marketing firm looked at the most expensive neighborhoods in every state in the nation to identify where the most costly real estate listings were located.

In Texas, the top-price ZIP code was 75205, which includes Highland Park and southern University Park. Homes for sale in that area had a median price of more than $1.6 million, according to

Of course, that’s just the asking price.

Last year the median cost of homes sold in the Park Cities was about $1.2 million — up 7 percent from 2017 levels. That works out to about $380 per square foot.

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