5 Cheap Bathroom Renovations to Help Sell a Home

A few cheap bathroom renovations can actually help you sell your home.  When potential buyers stroll through a home, they’re looking for the features and amenities that best match their lifestyle. Every choice you’ve made impacts a buyer’s interest, and you can get closer to the reality of a sale with a simple, one-step bath renovation.


“Bathrooms are one area where home buyers make decisions because it will be one of the most used rooms in the house,” says industry expert Nora DePalma of Dialogue. “Make them look bright, absolutely spotless, and loaded with storage options. Your home will sell faster and at a better price.”

These bathroom renovations are low-cost, where a little DIY savvy can go a long way toward making your home appeal to a wide range of shoppers. Here are five cheap ways to transform a bath without breaking your pre-sale budget.

#1 Introduce a neutral palette

When you’re showing a home for sale, one of the main priorities is to present a neutral but appealing space in which potential buyers can envision their own day-to-day lives. So even if you love bold color or a wallpaper print in your bathroom, tone it down for the sake of the sale. Painting bathroom walls with a neutral shade or even a pale, soothing blue or green will contribute to the perceived scale and serenity of the space. Freshen the entry door, cabinetry and trim with a crisp white for a clean look and renewed focus on the room’s built-in details.

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