Dallas’ new ‘The Office’ pop-up bar perfect for fans of bears, beets and Battlestar Galactica

The Whippersnapper has transformed into Dunder Whiplin, Inc., an ‘Office’-themed pop-up bar.

Welcome to Dunder Whiplin, Inc. Beverage Company.

Most days this place is known as The Whippersnapper. But for one month, this Dallas bar will pay tribute to the popular show “The Office.”

And it’s not co-owner Phil Schanbaum’s first rodeo when it comes to hosting a pop-up bar– they did “Family Guy” and “Harry Potter”-themed pop-ups last year.

And with this iteration, they’re targeting fans of the iconic workplace show.

“It’s kind of a cult following for everybody who loves ‘The Office,'” he said. “It’s just something different and fun for everybody around town.”

And it’s different, to say the least.

You’ll find “Office”-themed art, unique food and drinks and plenty of places to snap a picture in “Scranton.”

Dunder Whiplin employees will even be dressed like your favorite characters from the show, and if you want to join in, well, the more the merrier, Schanbaum says.

“We encourage all guests to be able to show up in costume as well.”

So you want to drink with Dwight or mingle with Michael, Dunder Whiplin is the place to be.

Until Feb. 15, that is.

“We hope that you guys can come out and enjoy it,” Schanbaum said.

Just remember: Identity theft is not a joke, Dunder Whiplin!

Information provided by WFAA

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