A Message From Our CEO and President Concerning COVID-19

As promised, we are continuing to provide the latest information concerning our response and action in response to COVID-19. I strongly encourage each of you to read this email and the FAQs in their entirety. Some of the updates include:
  • Greatly reduce and limit office presence by our sales associates through at least April 3rd – this will allow our staff to exercise CDC recommended social distancing while they continue to work on critical business functions.
  • Sales meetings and other office training is suspended through at least April 3rd – your Sales Leaders will be communicating plans for virtual meetings and get togethers
  • All CE Classes, Courses and Training at the Training Center are suspended through April 30th. The FAQs contain direct links to numerous online CE, Training and Courses you can complete during this time. Our partner The CE Shop is offering a 40% discount for all CE Classes.  In addition, there are links to training webinars and videos on all the new tools rolled out over the past month – THIS IS A GREAT TIME TO BRUSH UP ON ALL THE TOOLS YOU HAVE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.
  • During this time, please dont’ attend closings, unless your presence is required by the Closer. We need to respect the critical work our title partners are doing to close our transactions and the unnecessary presence of additional people in their workplace simply raises their health risks. Celebrate with your clients outside title closing centers.
  • Starting next Tuesday, March 24th, Anthony Jackson will begin sending out weekly updates with market stats on showings, pendings and closing. It is important for all of us to keep up to date on market conditions so we can be a resource for our clients and neighbors. Next week will be the first real week with reflective stats based on the current situation.
  • Sellers may consider holding open houses in virtual settings via Facebook Live or other streaming options. Tomorrow you will receive from Marketing social media and other marketing pieces that you will be able to use to promote the virtual ways you can assist clients at this time. For traditional open houses, please follow the guidance in the attached FAQs. Many of you are also helping clients by doing virtual showings – keep up those activities that will drive business, even if we have to do them in new ways for the health of ourselves and others. Practice those Ninja Selling skills of hand written notes and sharing meaningful market information with your clients.
  • You will receive a second email from me in moments that includes a public facing video you can send to your clients or anyone that you deem best. This is also posted all over social where you can share as well.  We felt it was important for our clients to hear directly from the company at this time. 
  • I like to include a bit of business news in each of these updates as well, this was an article I saw that noted how the Google Search “Should I buy a house?” has dramatically risen over the past week to an all time high. Guess we know what is on the minds of all our neighbors while they are at home 🙂  Should I Buy A House Search At An All Time High Many of you may have also heard the Fed over the weekend announced it would drop rates to zero and purchase an additional $500B in bonds as well as $200B in mortgage-backed securities. This does not mean that mortgage rates will drop, but this is exactly what the Fed did during the recession to inject energy into the economy. NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun applauded the decision. And if you missed the video from Economist Dr. Rossell from LeadingRE here it again: Dr. Rossell Economic Outlook for Housing
Last, much of our focus has been on protecting our physical health but I hope each of you are focusing on your mental health as well. Most of us in this business are social by nature, and increased remote work and isolation can take its own toll. Make sure you are reaching out to one another to talk (and preferably about anything other than this). Our bond and connectivity is what truly makes this a family – we can preserve that even while we may be more physically apart.
I have been so proud of each of you and our staff as everyone has risen to the occasion to meet these challenges. Over the past 75 years, our company has experienced wars, recessions, natural disasters and other challenges and each time, we came through stronger on the other side. Through your work and efforts, this time will be no different. Take care of yourselves, your families and one another. People First!
Again, PLEASE fully read the attached Updated FAQs and use the video however you deem best with your clients. Thank you!
Chris Kelly | President & CEO
Executive Administrator | Terry McMurtry – terrymcmurtry@ebby.com


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