Listings & Showings and How We Are Overcoming the Obstacles

We are committed to you! We will operate safely while providing the quality service you have come to expect.

If you have a listing with us right now, Dallas Native Team is fully prepared to continue to provide you with exceptional service, while ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, team members, business associates and vendors.

To give you some assurance of what we’re doing, given the circumstances that we’re all living under right now, when I took your listing and we did our photos, we also did a video of your property so that we can send that out to perspective buyers, so they don’t have to walk through your house if they don’t choose to. The public can see the video and take a tour through your home via video, which is what’s happening out there right now. Our buyers are walking into less houses, seeing them via web.

If a buyer is really wanting to see your home, but worried about coming in or meeting us directly, then I can come back to your home and do FaceTime with them and do a more seamless walk through your home. There are many ways we can communicate now without physically walking into your home.

Interestingly enough, the views online have just exponentially gone up over the last week. So many people are home bound now that they’ve got more time than ever to look for homes. So I kind of have good news, bad news, good news, bad news here. But the good news is is we’re getting probably twice as many views between Facebook and all other social media outlets.

I don’t want you to have any concerns. Is this a good time to sell? I would argue that it is. Last Friday alone, we had over 14 offers come through on our listings. Some of them were multi-offers on one property. But nonetheless, buyers are alive and well out there. And interest rates, we’ll probably not see this again in this historic low. Buyers want to take advantage of that and we want to help them do that in any way they want us to help them.

Know that we’re taking care of things as much as we can. Our transactions are going as smoothly as we can humanly possibly make them, and I think all in all we’re going to find times may be different and they may become status quo. Maybe we will have less people walking through our homes from this point forward. But the fact that we’ve got all of the tools that we have right now and we are making use of those tools.

Bear with us, know that we’re pedaling as fast as we can for you, and nothing changes on our end. We’re working. We’re here at the “office” every day. You can always call us anytime at 214-365-6500. You know you can email me at any time at

Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you, to continue to work with you, and we’ll all get through this.


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