We Are Committed To Your Transaction!

We are committed to your transaction! We will operate safely while providing the quality service you have come to expect.

If you have a transaction with us right now, Dallas Native Team is fully prepared to continue to provide you with exceptional service, while ensuring the health and well-being of our clients, team members, business associates and vendors.

If you are currently under contract, whether a buyer or a seller…and there’s a lot of you…we wanted to address many things with you in these uncertain times that we’re all going through, knowing that we’re all in the same boat together. Let’s talk about some of the things that we’re doing every day for our, our transactions.

  • Staying in communication is definitely key.
  • Keeping everybody abreast as to where we are in the process.
  • Getting things moving from the start to the finish
  • Keeping everybody in the loop of communication as to the process of how things are working and how we’re getting these deals taken care of.

I know we are all getting bombarded with emails right now. If you are currently in a transaction watch for emails from your lender, title and us. These emails can be very time sensitive.

Charles, our Transaction Coordinator, will be communicating that with you from the time you go under contract all the way through to closing. There are so many people involved in our transactions. And, understand that we control every controllable we can possibly take care of and put our fingers on. But, between the lender, appraiser, underwriter, inspector, surveyor, home warranty company, contractorss, stagers and the list goes on.

There are so many things that happen that you all don’t even know about, nor should you. It’s our job to see this thing through to its completion as stress free and as easy as we can be on you. But the main thing here is to just know that we are touching and calling and talking to every single person in this transaction throughout, until their job is complete and we get to move on to the next one.

Our goals are your goals!

Do not hesitate to call any of us. Whether Charles, myself, Stacey or Zack. Any of us can help you through the process and answer your questions. So, please. You can always reach us at 214-365-6500. You can always email us. All of us, charles@dallasnative.com, mbh@dallasnative.com, zack@dallasnative.com or stacey@dallasnative.com. Hopefully this will give you a level of assurance that everything’s moving forward as smoothly as we can make it.

To the finish line we go.

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