You Have Strong Buying Power Now

Today we want to talk to everyone out there thinking about buying a home right now. We realize that times are uncertain and we realize that it seems like maybe not a good time to buy a house, but the reality is interest rates are at an all time historic low.

Our buyers are getting deals and able to afford more because of these interest rates. They are taking advantage of it and even refinancing. Some of our clients are saving lots of money.

We have clients that already put in the 30-60 day notice to their lease. They are in a position where this is what they wanted to do anyways. The housing market has really never been in a better point to be able to get out there, start looking, get a great deal, and that’s what we’re here to help with.

We have people that are relocating as well for work to Texas. These buyers cannot fly in and out to preview homes.

And if interest rates even jump up a whole point, you’ve lost an enormous amount of buying power.

So what are we doing to help our buyers through these times of we can be dragging them through 20 houses like we would normally do. We are going be a little bit more selective with the buyers criteria and then we will go preview the homes and either let them know this home is great or it’s not for them or send them a video or connecting by Facetime, if it’s something worth really investigating. We are minimizing the sellers traffic into other people’s homes. We want to help our clients and make sure that they feel comfortable when they’re buying something.

The most crucial part of this process to get started is the buyers consultation. The initial consultation, learning the client’s needs, allowing them to understand what to expect from us, and then we work together as a team going forward.

We’re trying to be very responsible for both sides of the deal because sellers really need to sell their homes, but they’re even nervous about letting people in. So we’re trying to keep the amount of people down, but just trying to have it more of a live footage. And the great thing about having a video feed is that you can go back and look at that. When you see a property in person, unless you take video, you forget about it.

Pictures only tell half the story. We can do so much of the groundwork and we want to do that for our clients. The video is actually coming in handy with a lot of our buyers right now and it’s actually a great pivot we’ve made that’s starting to show dividends to our buyers. 

At the end of the day, we are going find a whole new way to work that enables our buyers to make some really informed decisions without spending every ounce of extra time they have right after work and weekends in and out of houses.

Everyone need to find their safe space as we practice social distancing. Let us help you find your safe space. Give us a call 214-365-6500. We’re on all social media. You can find us at

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