Long Term Seepage vs. Sudden And Accidental Water Damage. Am I covered?

Most insurance carriers have an exclusion for long term seepage or water damage. Under Exclusion of the Policy, they usually have the language to deny your claim for damage caused by long term seepage. Seepage, meaning continuous or repeated seepage or leakage of water over a period of weeks, months, or years. This can happen in many places around your home, such as under your sink, plumbing in walls, in the pipes in your foundation slab, and more.

Sudden and Accidental Water Damage describes a situation comparable to a burst pipe, an appliance malfunction, or any unexpected discharge of water or steam. For some policies to grant coverage, the two main components that need to be clear in the cause of damage are “sudden” (not over a period time) and “accidental” (unexpected).

What is seepage? It can mean many things. It can be a slow plumbing leak, wax seal leak, plumbing supply line leak, it can be slow seepage or long term seepage that then becomes a pipe burst, and then your house is flooded. Then you have to remember if you have no power after a hurricane you will have high levels of humidity and heat and will most likely have mold growth within the first few days. Mold will grow after a water loss in moist and humid conditions. If you have a seepage claim or denial for long term seepage please give us a call.

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