Is your home policy up for renewal? Here’s what to look for.

Did you ignore that email or letter about renewing your homeowners insurance?

Read it to make sure you’re not being overcharged or getting less coverage than you need.

Time to renew

Did roof coverage change?

When your roof reaches a certain age, your insurance company might switch your policy from replacement cost coverage to actual cash coverage. If your roof is in poor         condition, your company might drop your roof coverage altogether. Check to see if your policy is changing

Are details about your house correct?

Look at the page with your name, address, and house details. Make sure the age of your house, square footage, construction type (siding or brick), and roof age are correct. Companies use these to decide what to charge you. If they’re not right, correcting them could save you money.

What are your deductibles?

If your deductible is a percentage of the insured value, check the dollar amount. In general, the higher the deductible, the lower the cost for the policy. When deciding what deductible is right for you, think about how much you can afford to pay if your house is damaged. Remember that filing small claims may affect how much you pay for insurance later. If you want to change your deductibles, talk to your agent.

What coverages do you have?

One that can be confusing is “backup of sewer/drain.” This coverage pays if an appliance or toilet in your house causes water to overflow. It’s not flood insurance. Flood insurance pays when water comes in from outside. Most home policies don’t cover floods. Make sure to check with your agent and review all coverage options.

Were coverages added or taken away?

Look at the last pages of the renewal to see if there are any new endorsements or exclusions. Endorsements add coverage, and exclusions take away coverage. The language explaining these can be confusing. If you aren’t sure what an explanation means, ask your agent or company to explain.

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